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My name is Brandi Miller. I’m a 26-year-old campus minister in Eugene, Oregon, so I guess that makes me a professional Christian- God have mercy. I have spent the last chunk of years having my life wrecked by Jesus in the best way possible particularly around issues of injustice in the world, accountability to scripture, experiencing holistic personhood, and non-violence. I identify as a Black, female, Jesus follower and will talk about such matters of identity on the regular. I’m an INTP who is slowly transitioning to an ENTP…or at least I think so.


Apart from those moderately intense things, I do normal life stuff too. I like to lift heavy things fast, particularly in the context of Crossfit and Olympic style weightlifting. I play really nerdy board games, love waterfalls, eating, artisan coffee, and bad puns. But currently my primary pastime is playing soul-pop (that’s a thing, right?) music with my band Harper.


Here are 5 fun facts-ok maybe not fun, but they are facts nonetheless:


  1. I started as a music major in college and switched to American ethnic studies
  2. I have a serious RBF
  3. I can lift my body weight overhead in several ways
  4. Pretty sure I lose my pants in public disproportionately more than your average lady (I suppose that’s a hypothesis, not a fact)
  5. I would rather sit in an empty, silent room than listen to Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Nirvana


Thanks for joining me on this journey of putting thoughts on virtual paper.


Any questions?

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